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Master trainings on female condoms in Lagos

Abuja, 16 March, 2009

SFH, the Society for Family Health in Nigeria organized two master trainings on female condoms in Lagos, on  February 24 and 26 2009. The aim of these trainings was capacity building among the participants. They learned all the details about female condoms and the use of it. Also they learned how to set up a training themselves, in order to give female condoms trainings to all different kind of communities.

The first master training reached 20 women and 6 men. The second training combined the Edo and Delta states. There were a total of 37 persons: 25 women and 12 men. The aim was that one third of the involved are men at every level (that number guarantees good participation of men without overshadowing the female participants).

The training was built around the following elements:
•    refreshing knowledge on HIV/AIDS and family planning
•    adding new models to the training
•    adult learning techniques
•    explaining techniques how to enter communities
•    capacity building on female condom programming

The participants, both women and men, reacted quite positive on the training.
Most participants had heard of the female condom, just a few had ever seen  one and almost none has used it. Samples were handed out to the participants so they could try it at home and share experiences.
The outcomes were that most women liked it. Although for heavily-weighted women it was more difficult to insert. Therefore the different positions for insertion were explained. Male partners were relieved that they did not have to use the male condom. The insertion was received as stimulating – (as part of the foreplay).
Most partners were curious to use it, saw it as a novel experience.
Three or four women were having their period and found it very nice that with female condom it was possible to have sex.
Another conclusion was that with inserting it longer before the intercourse, the female condom has the same temperature as the human body and therefore it gave a natural feeling.
An other positive element for the men was that there was more fysical contact and they could see the vagina.(another stimulation).

In Nigeria female condoms  will be promoted not as a health product but as a life-style product. The supply channels of the male condom will be used, being traditional and non-traditional outlets.

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