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Research & development components

Research & Development Agenda for support to female condom development:

The R & D component of the UAFC project aims to make female condoms available at an affordable and for developing countries sustainable price level. The main objective is to promote cost reduction and choice, but also to assist in the process of adapting production capacity to expected increase in demand.
For this purpose UAFC has dedicated one million Euro of its budget to female condom R & D. This will be done through support of existing female condom development, documentation and monitoring of prices and price reduction efforts and the promotion of new FC development and generic female condom manufacturing.
A number of R & D activities with short to long term impact on ongoing FC development and purchase price of FC’s have already been identified. The activities are ranging from price negotiations over support to existing and promising R & D initiatives for female condoms to potential assistance for generic manufacturing of female condoms; a number of steps need to be further identified and/or detailed during the course of the project. The development and availability of FC demonstration (pelvic) models, one of the essential elements for demand creation is also going to receive attention in this plan.

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