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Speeches and presentations at 'PREVENTION, PLEASURE AND PROTECTION'

International Conference on Female Condom Programming  17-18 November 2011

Opening Speech
by Christiaan Rebergen, Dutch Ambassador Millennium Development Goals and Public Private Partnerships 

Plenary sessions

Female Condom Programming in Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Cameroon, Working  with NGOs and Entrepreneurs
by Lily Claire Dimouamoua Ekobika, UAFC Project Manager, Association Camerounaise pour le Marketing Social (ACMS)

'Past, present and future of female condom development’
by Mags Beksinska, Technical Advisor, MatCH, South Africa

‘Female condom advocacy’
by Kunyima Lifumbela Banda NZP+ Zambia

'The agenda ahead’, closing speech
by John Skibiak, Director Reproductive Health Supplies Coalition (RHSC), Belgium


Workshop ; Latest in female condom technology and research

'Measuring female condom failure: presence of semen vs. pregnancy/STIs, and the regulatory implications'
by Christine Mauck

'Nanotechnology and female condoms'
by S. Mokkapati and G.Mokkapati

'It gets easier with practice'

by Women’s short-term female condom use experience Jenni Smit and Mags Bekinska

'Research and regulatory steps toward introduction of female condoms'
by Kimberley Whipkey



Workshop: ‘Cheaper female condoms’

‘Affordable Female Condom'
by M. Ayyappam

'Introductory comments on the challenges'
by John Gerofi


Workshop : ‘Female condoms for anal sex’

'Future Directions for Policy, Practice, and Research'
by Joanne E. Mantell

'Dual female condoms, fc for men and women: scope'
by G Mokkapati S. Mokkapati

'Equal Opportunity Protector, The Female Condom & Anal Sex'
by Jessica Terlikowski


Workshop ‘Regulatory issues and quality standards’

'What Will It Take to Get More Quality Products onto the Market?'
by Margaret Usher-Patel

'The International Female Condom Standard ISO 25841: 2011'
by WD Potter

Workshop  ‘Female Condoms an uphill battle? Challenges and opportunities of female condom  programming’

'Female condom advocacy: working with traditional leaders'
by Edinah Masiyiwa


Workshop ‘Female empowerment – male involvement’ 

'Male Involvement: The Zimbabwe care female condom social marketing experience'
by Patience Kunaka

'Are men a problem in spreading female condom use?' Participatory presentation of findings from an exploratory study of male views and acceptance of female condoms in Zimbabwe, Nigeria and Cameroon
by Winny Koster and Marije Groot Bruinderink

'After-thought' which gave birth to a mixed group approach`
The Hunger project MALAWI


Workshop ‘Social media: a smart way to promote female condoms?’

'The Digital Platform in Turkey: How Fiesta became the #1 online condom'
by Chris Purdey


Workshop ‘Sex in the City’

'Success of Pleasure and Fun in U.S. City Programs'
by Rebecca Bouck

'Putting the sexy into safer sex'
by The pleasure project


Workshop ‘Local advocacy: identification and mobilization of gate keepers’

'Female condom advocacy: working with traditional leaders'
by Edinah Masiyiwa

'Female condom, Costa Rica'
by Ana Gabriela Solano Rojas

'Put a ring on it'
by Jessica Terlikowski


Workshop  ‘A convincing strategy: best practices in female condom advocacy’

'Informed Advocacy to Expand Global Access to Female Condoms'
by Kiki Kalkstein

'Advocacy for a better uptake  of FC programming Case study: Cameroon'
by Jean Bosco Elat and Auguste KPOGNON

'Female condom advocacy best practices, a case of THP – Malawi'
by Rowlands Kaotcha


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