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Free supply of female condoms mandatory in Brazil

The Commission of Social Security and Family approved in the beginning of april 2009 the Bill 3088/08 by Mrs Cida Diogo (PT-RJ), which makes mandatory the free supply of female condoms by the Ministry of Health programs that already promote the distribution of male condoms.

Under the proposal, the state and municipal offices will provide the condoms to users of programs to assist women and prevention and control of AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) maintained by the Unified Health System (SUS). The distribution must be accompanied by information on the use of the material.

Firm action

The committee endorsed the rapporteur's assent, Aline Corrêa (PP-SP). According to the Member, the proposal allows a firm action, and constantly updated to protect the health of women and control the spread of STDs.

The rapporteur said that is occurring to increase the incidence of HIV infection in women, which requires the adoption of measures such as the project.

According to the Ministry of Health in 1986 was registered only one HIV infection among women for every 16 cases in the male population. Currently, more women are infected than men, the proportion of 1.5 males for every female case. "This statistic reinforces the need for action on all fronts to protect women," argues Aline Corrêa.


The project conducted in conclusive character and follows the Commission of Constitution and Citizenship and Justice (CCJ).

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