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Female condoms have several advantages.

  • Condoms – male and female – are currently the only available technology which gives users simultaneous protection against pregnancy and STI’s including HIV.
  • Women are in control when they use them. The use of male condoms often has to be negotiated over and over again and relies on the cooperation of men. Female condoms have to be negotiated only once. Qualitative studies find an increased sense of power for negotiation of safer sex, and a greater sense of control and safety during sex, among women using female-condoms.
  • Female condoms have the advantage of no side effects, are reversible forms of contraception, and can be used without seeking a health-care provider.
  • Synthetic female condoms have a soft, moist texture which feels natural during sex. For men the sensation is closer to that of sex without a condom, because female condoms do not fit tightly around the penis as male condoms do.
  • Synthetic female condoms (FC2 and Women's Condom) are not damaged by oil based lubricants nor affected by changes in temperature and humidity, so they can be safely stored almost anywhere. (Unlike latex condoms such as Cupid).
  • Some female condoms (FC2) can be inserted several hours before the sexual act takes place, so foreplay does not need to be interrupted.
  • Studies report a high satisfaction rate by both women and men who have used the female condom. Originally, the demand came mostly from women, but we see the number of male consumers increasing.

    In sum, the female condom is a commodity for safety, but also a pleasurable tool that should be accessible for all!

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Instructions on the use of the female condom

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Imagine a device that can be worn by a woman during sex...

The facts

Why female condoms should be accessible for all


Acceptance levels vary from 41 to 95 per cent


Increased uptake and more consistent and continued contraceptive use


We need an increase in variety of female condoms