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An international advocacy platform is UAFC's main strategy to gain commitment, to network and to mobilise key stakeholders to advocate for making female condoms accessible to all.

The Platform is part of the advocacy campaign of the UAFC Joint Programme. Members of the Platform are representatives from donor agencies, key players within the field of SRHR and/or HIV/AIDS and people with ample experience in the field of RH Supplies in general or female condoms in particular.

The purpose of the Platform is to broaden and strengthen the support base for female condoms, to share knowledge and expertise among actors, and to solicit explicit commitment.

Specific objectives of the Platform are:
Generating attention for the female condom at all levels;
Initiating joint advocacy activities on the female condom;
Exchanging information and know-how;
Achieving optimal coordination of efforts;
Achieving synergy by sharing know-how and experience.

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Members of the International Platform meeting in Amsterdam, oct. 2009

The main criteria for membership of the Platform are:
their position within the field of HIV/AIDS and SRHR and the influence of their organisation;
their knowledge on female condoms and on the programming of female condoms;
their previous experience, which can be valuable for future female condom programming.

Working principles of the Platform are:
evidence-based advocacy;
commitment to the female condom as a commodity, to the UAFC Joint Programme and to the international platform;
willingness to share experiences, learn lessons, and take responsibilities.