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Aids plan 'will cut infections'

Sowetan (South Africa), December 2, 2011 / Luyolo Mkentane

Experts hail campaign as 'more focused and strategic'
Government's new ambitious plan to fight HIV-Aids - which aims to halve infections by 2016 - has been hailed by experts as a focused and attainable strategy that can ultimately turn the tide of the pandemic in South Africa.
Launching the five-year National Strategic Plan before a 5000 crowd at KwaZakhele's Wolfson Stadium in Port Elizabeth yesterday, Zuma said government would drive a campaign to prevent new infections and make treatment more accessible.
When used consistently and correctly, male and female condoms are highly effective in
preventing sexual transmission of HIV. In heterosexual relationships where one
partner is HIV-positive and the other is HIV-negative, when condoms were consistently used, HIV- negative partners were 80% less likely to become infected than persons in similar relationships in which condoms were not used. For this reason, the United States has long been a leading provider of condoms for HIV prevention in the developing world, and over the next two years will distribute more than 1 billion condoms.

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