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Important advocacy momentums and opportunities in 2009 are:

•    UNAIDS has established a new executive director; Michael Sidibé.
•    UNAIDS vice-presidency of the Netherlands, July 2009 – July 2010.
•    The second independent evaluation of UNAIDS policy 2002-2008
•    Swedish European Union Presidency from the 1st of July

The list of events is not yet complete and please, if you have additional events/momentums on SRHR, HIV-AIDS and women rights, especially in the African region, send us an email.

Indicated events / momentums in 2009 are:

  date                  event

13/03 - 53rd Session of the Commission on the Status of Women



- 42nd session of the UN Commission on Population and Development

31/03 04/04 - Southern Africa Conference on HIV/AIDS in Durban
10/05 14/05 - HIV/AIDS Implementers Meeting in Namibia
12/05 14/05 - Regional Meeting of National Population Commissions UNFPA Qatar
15/05   - UN International Day of Families
17/05   - IDAHO International Day Against Homophobia
17/05 28/05 - World Health Assembly of the WHO
28/05   - International Day of Action for Women's Health
16/06   - Day of the African Child (UNICEF)
20/06   - World Refugee Day
22/06 24/06 - The 24th Meeting of the Programme Coordinating Board in Geneva
01/07   - Global Fund round 9 deadline
11/07   - World Population Day
02/09 04/09 - ICPD 15 years, NGO Forum in Berlin
26/09   - World Contraceptive Day
04/10 09/10 - World Congress of Gynecology and Obstetrics in Cape Town
05/10 08/10 - UAFC Congress and International Platform Meeting
26/10 28/10 - ICPD 15 Parliamentary Group in Cairo
15/11 18/11 - Family Planning Conference in Kampala
16/11 20/11 - Global Ministerial Forum on research for Health: Innovating for the health of all, Havana.
25/11   - Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women
25/11 10/12 - 16 Days of Activism against Gender Violence (coord. by US-based Center for Women's Global Leadership
01/12   - World Aids Day
6th of October, UAFC Joint Programme will organize an International Platform Meeting on female condoms, participants will be send an invitation.

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