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The 4 year UAFC programme has three components with their specific goals:

1.Research and Development and positioning of the female condom on the market
The implementation of this component will have succeeded when more companies start producing a variety of female condoms and bring them on the market for a lower, affordable price.

2.Two large-scale female condom country programmes in Nigeria and Cameroon
The large scale country programmes are locally owned and run by a national steering committee, and implemented by a set of local actors: a combination of civil society organizations, the government, UN-agencies and the private sector. The country plans are successfully implemented if the two countries have succeeded in increasing demand and creating access to an affordable female condom in a sustainable way.

3.International advocacy and Linking and Learning
International advocacy has been successfully implemented when political support for the female condom and structural increase in financial support for female condom programming has been generated. Linking and Learning purpose is to render more effective implementation of large-scale female condom programmes.

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