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Zimbabwe: Women's Latest Bargaining Tool

Africa News, August 24, 2011

"WOMEN think that when you're married, you don't have to worry about HIV. They think it is a safe haven,"said Beauty Nyamwanza of the National Aids Council.
But marriage can actually fuel the risk of HIV among women, particularly the young. Research has shown that marriage increases the frequency of sex and impedes a woman's ability to negotiate condom use or abstain from sex.

In essence, married women find it difficult to request their husbands to use condoms, even to use one themselves as this would be seen as if they are promiscuous
[...] with interventions of Nyamwanza and others, Zimbabwe is one of the countries that has made impact with the female condom and has made great strides in promoting its use.
The latest device, the FC2 is a strong flexible nitrile sheath, about 17 centimetres long, with a flexible ring at each end.

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