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UAFC Joint Programme works in Nigeria and Cameroon to make the female condom accessible. The large scale country programmes are locally owned and run by a national steering committee, and implemented by a set of local actors: a combination of civil society organizations, the government, UN-agencies and the private sector.

Large-scale programming in selected countries is considered a key activity. In Nigeria and Cameroon programmes have been set up.
Due to non-availability of the product, the high price and a lack of general public awareness, the demand for female condoms is insufficient. All these factors are addressed through a combination of three types of activities: a) demand creation, b) supply chain management and c) inclusion of the female condom in existing programmes and health services.
In the pilot countries progress is being made on the main purposes:
• demand has increased for the female condom
• female condoms are being more available at convenient places, at all times and at an affordable price
• the experience is being documented and made available for interested parties
• the publicly acceptation of the female condom as a commodity that enables women to exercise their sexual and reproductive rights is encouraged
In Cameroon UAFC works in coöperation with the Association Camerounaise pour le Marketing (ACMS) and in Nigeria with the Society for Family Health (SFH).

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