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High level advocacy for female condom in Cameroon

Working to scale up the social marketing of female condoms in Cameroon, a high level delegation visited a number of senior officials from key institutional partners. This delegation consisted of  the PSI/ACMS Executive Director in Cameroon along with two representatives of UAFC (Universal Access to female Condom)’s Dutch partners and the Deputy Permanent Secretary of the National Aids Control Committee (NACC).

In that perspective and in order to secure Government support and commitment in the launching of the UAFC project in Cameroon, the PSI/ACMS delegation had the honour to be received by the Minister of Women empowerment and the Prime Minister, respectively on the 23rd  and 25th  March 2009.

At the audience at the Ministry of Women empowerment
Top : First row from left to right: Dr Nomzo’o DPS of the NACC, Mr  Alain Owono Owono from the Dutch Embassy, Mr. Nestor Ankiba ACMS’ Executive Director

The meetings were designed to present the Project to Cameroon’s leading authorities and advocate for their active commitment during  and beyond the project period.
Yet, during the audience with the Prime Minister, he said "I attach a particular importance to various actions taken in fighting against HIV/AIDS, we will launch the female condoms  together ...the IEC activities are of specific importance in our country... I will make sure that ministers concerned by the project provide you with the necessary support for its effective implementation."
The UAFC Joint Programme aims at scaling up social marketing activities around female condoms in order to enhance its contribution in reducing the number of new HIV infections and unwanted pregnancies in Cameroon.

At the audience at the Ministry of Women empowerment
From left to right: Dr M. Razanamparany and Mr R Meyers from UAFC Netherlands and The Minister Suzanne Mbomback.

plaatje_nigeria_rino2_400_01Key aspects of the project include (Advocacy, Mass media and IP communication to promote the use of the female condom and empower women in taking the ownership of female condoms both as HIV preventive and family planning methods. Product supply and distribution as well as product research and development are important aspects as well. Furthermore the project works on quality control by way of contributing of the improvement of the existing in- country quality control system and infrastructure (partnership with the National Laboratory for quality control of drugs).

The project will be implemented for a period of three years in five pilot regions in Cameroon. 

Audience at the Prime Ministry. From left to right: Dr Nommzo’o, Dr Michèle Razanamparany, Mr. Ankiba, his Excellency Mr. Enoni Ephraïm and Mr. Rino Meyersplaatje_nigeria_rino3_400

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