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Participants of the International Platform Meeting in Amsterdam


organistation name 
UNFPA Marleen van der Ree 
UNAIDS Mauricio Cysne
WHO Maggie Usher-Pattel
WHO research colleague
DGIS Lilly Talapessy
Consultant UAFC R&D Robbie Nelson
Hewlett Foundation George F. Brown
DANIDA Kirstine Vangkilde Berner 
European Commission Marieke Boot
UNITAID board member Civil Society / IHP Carol Nyrinda 
The Pleasure Project  Anna Philpott
International Women Health Coalition Jennifer Wilen
Reproductive Health Supplies Coalition John Skibiak
CHANGE Serra Sippel
Global Campaign for Microbicides  Anna Forbes
Representative of Brazilian Minister for Health Ms. Katia Guimãres 
Executive Director, TARSHI (Talking About Reproductive and Sexual Health Issues) Radhika Chandiramani
Oxfam International Harriet Kivumbi
Uganda Government Vastha Kibirige
Oxfam International Rwanda Fortunee Twiyubahe
OI Youth Partners Kenya Emily Karechio
SWAA Bernice Heloo
SWAAC Dora Mbunya
Women & AIDS support Network Evince Mugumbate
PATH  Patricia Coffey
SUPPORT  Katy Pepper
PSI Europe Nils Grade
Condomerie Kalja van der Linden
SFH Victoria Archibong
SFH Dr Leila Madueke  
SFH Bishop Jolly Oyekpen 
ACMS Nestor Ankibar
ACMS Dr. Etienne Nnomzo'o
ACMS Mr. Manu Dibango
ACMS Annie-Michele Salla
PATHFINDER Dr Luc Van der Veken 
PATHFINDER Ms Graça  Samo 
UAFC  Lucie van Mens
Oxfam Novib Monique Demenint
WPF Ilze Smit
I + Solutions Rino Meyers
WPF Annet Neijmeijer
I + Solutions Michelle Razanamparany
UAFC Joint Programme Greetje Lubbi
WPF Yvonne Bogaarts
Oxfam  Aubert Ouango
WPF Rachel Ploem

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