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Launch of UAFC country programme in Nigeria

On the 13th of July 2009 the launch of UAFC country programme in Nigeria took place during which Elegance – the new Nigerian brand name for the FC2 – has been introduced. Elegance is elegantly packed in a newly designed package that contains 2 female condoms. SFH organized a lively programme with performances of musicians and comedians. The attendance was high; 260 persons attended the launch, in stead of the expected 150 people. Among the participants were a Bishop, representatives of the Ministry of Health, DFID and USAID, the Nigerian UAFC Steering Group and the cooperating organizations and also Gertjan van Bruchem, CLO for Nigeria. The launch had an immediate positive impact on the demand for female condoms. Furthermore bigger donors like DFID and USAID show genuine interest in up scaling female condom programming in Nigerian States were UAFC is not yet active.

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