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Cameroon – Quarterly update 3rd Q 2010

Creating demand

From July till October 2010 99,955 female condoms were sold and 27,850 samples distributed for free, bringing the total sale’s number to 762,762 for Cameroon. As the hairdressing salons are very successful in selling female condoms, 80 new salons have been trained, raising the number of active salons to 147. Besides the hairdressing salons, 204 new sale points were created, 524 revitalized and 194 peer educators trained. To make female condoms widely available not only hairdressing salons and sales points are created, health centres (9 private and 17 public) are also trained.


The promotional song is systematically broadcasted every day. Furthermore 12,200 leaflets with information about the use of the female condom have been distributed during various talks.

The Association Camerounaise pour le Marketing Social (ACMS) sensitized the military forces on the issue of female condoms, by giving large group talks and an information stand in a conference on military health in the Congress Palace in Yaounde.



A workshop to facilitate media coverage for the female condom programme was held for 23 media managers (8 TV, 8 radio and 5 print media).  

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