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The Alleged Rise Of The Female Condom [Safe Sexing]

USA Today says female condoms are "making a comeback in U.S. cities." The evidence? Scant. But let's take a look at why no one goes crazy over this form of contraception.Sex educators have encouraged the use of female condoms to fight AIDs in the developing world, where reluctance to use male condoms is a major factor, with mixed results. It's also been floated for use in anal sex, although there's no solid research on the topic. In any case, it's unclear what "comeback" is being referred to in the U.S., in terms of any previous popularity ” they can be hard to find. When adult film star Stoya tried to give the female condom a shot, she hunted far and wide til finally locating one at Babeland, according to her blog.

Read the article in: Jezebel, March 3, 2011

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