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UNFPA moves to meet the reproductive health needs of Ivorian refugees in Liberia

 It is very important that while we are working with the Government of

Liberia to provide reproductive health services to the people, we should also support the refugee population from neighbouring Cte dIvoire. For example, we have been informed that out of ten deliveries at the health centre in one of the towns hosting the refugees (Buutuo), six were by Ivorian refugee women, said UNFPA Liberia Representative Esperance Fundira during a presentation ceremony of reproductive health kits to the Government of Liberia. The kits are intended to meet the RH needs of the both refugees and host communities. The package included individual delivery kits, assisted delivery kits, rape treatment kits, STIs treatment kits, male and female condoms, emergency contraceptives and blood transfusion kits among others. UNFPAs top priority is to make sure that pregnant refugees deliver safely, Ms. Fundira said.

Read the whole article in: States News Service, March 11, 2011

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