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Imagine a tool that can be worn by a woman during sex, that protects against pregnancy, HIV, and other STIs. In case that isn’t enough, it also enhances pleasure for both her and her partner. It is inserted into the vagina before sex, and part of it stays outside of the woman’s body, where it increases the sensation of sex by rubbing against her labia and clitoris. It is strong, soft, and transparent, and is excellent at transferring heat. Her partner likes that it doesn’t constrict his penis, making sex feel more natural. And since it doesn’t rely on an erection, it can be inserted hours before sex, getting her in the mood and maintaining the flow of sex. What is this amazing thing? It’s a female condom!

fem condomThe female condom has been on the market for more than 15 years and recently new innovations have emerged. The traditional female condom (FC2) – which has an inner and an outer ring – is made of synthetic latex, eliminating the noise that some people found distracting. There are also other female condoms available and under development, including a latex condom that has a firm sponge in the place of the inner ring, and another, Women’s Condom, that can be inserted like a tampon, expanding during intercourse. As demand for female condoms grows, we expect to see even more innovation in the market, because as we all know, variety is the spice of life!

Female condoms have several advantages. Women are in control when they use them. The use of male condoms often has to be negotiated over and over again and relies on the cooperation of men. Female condoms have to be negotiated only once. They can be inserted several hours before the sexual act takes place, so foreplay does not need to be interrupted.
Studies report a high satisfaction rate by both women and men who have used the female condom Originally, the demand came mostly from women, but we see the number of male consumers increasing. In sum, the female condom is a commodity for safety, but also a pleasurable tool that should be accessible for all!

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Imagine a device that can be worn by a woman during sex...

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Acceptance levels vary from 41 to 95 per cent


Increased uptake and more consistent and continued contraceptive use


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